• Area (Works & Office) : 10,000 Sq.ft. built-up area on12,000 Sq.ft. Plot Full pledged office with all amenities and well connected with Fax, Internet, Telephones and office automation equipments.
  • Electricity Power: Installed 3 Phase power capacity of 150 HP.
  • M/cís and Equipments : Bench Grinder, Magnetic based portable drilling m/c up to 35 MM capacity, Welding machine, Air Compressor 200 CFM, Bosch Cutter, Jig saw, Hand drills, Bench vice, All required tools and tackles etc.
  • Measuring Instruments and Gauging Devices : Granite Surface plate (Grade 0), Granite Square master (600 x 600MM), Granite Rt. Angle master (450 x 300MM), Granite parallel blocks, CI parallel plates, Precision level bottles, St. edges, Height gauge (600 MM), Bore Gauge, Dial Vernier, Micro meters, Dial gauges both Plunger and Lever, different size dial stands, V blocks etc.
  • Material Handling Equipments: Goliath Crane - Capacity 3 Tonnes. Hyd. Pallet lifter- 2 Tonnes.